FAA Issues Rotax 912 Fuel System AD

Rotax 912

There’s a new AD out for fuel hose problems on the Rotax 912 four-stroke aircraft engine, which has over the past 20 years become one of the most popular production engines. The FAA issued an airworthiness directive (AD) for Rotax 912 series F2, F3, F4, S2 and S3 engines that requires replacing the pressure side fuel hose on certain fuel pumps and inspecting the carburetors connected to those fuel pumps for contamination within five flight hours after the AD’s effective date of Sept. 10.

According to the FAA, the AD was prompted by reports of some fuel pumps having pressure side fuel hoses that did not meet the design specification. "We are issuing this AD to prevent pressure side fuel hose deterioration and contamination of the carburetor, which could result in an in-flight engine shutdown, forced landing and damage to the airplane," the AD states. The FAA did not say if it there had been any in-flight engine shutdowns or partial power losses as a result of the issue with the hoses. The affected fuel pump serial numbers are listed in the AD, which can be viewed here.

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