FAA Issues Remedial Training Guidance for Violations

Guidance serves as alternative to certificate action.

The FAA has issued guidance to offices that handle pilot certificate action, offering an alternative tool for handling FAA violations through remedial training. The FAA said the new guidance was put in place in an effort to make the National Airspace System safer by correcting deviances through training rather than litigation. The remedial training will be facilitated by the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam).

The information was published in a notice directed to the affected FAA offices and will be adopted into the Compliance and Enforcement section of the FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program, and Order 8900.1. The remedial training guidance serves as an alternative to administrative or legal enforcement action when appropriate.

With runway incursions being a particularly common violation, the document offers specific guidance for runway incursion remedial training. There is also a specific section in Order 8900.1 dedicated to runway incursions. A standardized ground training curriculum called the Runway Incursion Remedial Training Program has been developed. The RIRTP program will be used for first-time runway incursions. Repeat offenders who have already completed the RIRTP may be offered the program again or may face litigation.

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