Eclipse Jet App Unveiled

Eclipse 550

Eclipse pilots can now add one more go-to aviation app to their repertoire of iPad favorites, Eclipse Aerospace announced on Wednesday.

The new app, custom made for pilots of the twin-engine Eclipse jet, offers a variety of tools to streamline the flight planning process and improve situational awareness in flight. In addition to emergency procedures, aircraft manuals and interactive checklists, the app comes equipped with intuitive calculators for weight and balance, fuel requirements and performance specs.

According to Eclipse Aerospace CEO Mason Holland, the “easy to use” app will not only reduce pilot workload, but also bring an additional level of safety into the cockpit.

The new app comes just months after the Albuquerque-based manufacturer announced the reintroduction of the Eclipse jet at the NBAA annual convention. While the design of the aircraft remains the same, the Eclipse 550 offers a range of improvements over the 500 model, including synthetic vision, autothrottles and WAAS navigation, to name a few. First deliveries of the new Eclipse 550, which comes with a base price tag of $2.695 million (2011 dollars), are expected to begin in 2013.


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