Dassault Launches Falcon 2000S

Falcon 2000S

Dassault unveiled the Falcon 2000S on Monday at EBACE in Geneva, positioning the new model as a lower-priced Falcon 2000DX replacement that will compete directly against the Gulfstream G250, Bombardier Challenger 300 and Hawker 4000 in the super-midsize business jet segment. With a price tag of around $25 million, Dassault claims the Falcon 2000S will feature the largest cabin, longest range and best performance in its class when the twinjet enters service in early 2013.

In creating the new model, Dassault set the range target at 3,350 nautical miles (versus 4,000 nm for the $36 million Falcon 2000LX), added wing slats that reduce approach speed by 10 knots (to 108 knots), commissioned a cockpit from BMW DesignWorks and rolled out a long list of standard amenities, including AirCell Axxess II broadband service and autobrake capability. Dassault further reduced costs by negotiating with suppliers and offering three standard interiors for customers to choose among. Test pilots made the first flight of the Falcon 2000S on Feb. 17 with EASy II avionics and high-mach blended winglets, both standard features of the new model.

Certification of the Falcon 2000S is targeted for late 2012. Despite the launch of the new model, Dassault says it remains committed to the development of the SMS, a proposed super-midsize business jet that the manufacturer says would sell in the $20-$25 million price range.


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