American Legend Unveils a Baby Super Cub

American Legend

American Legend Aircraft Co. last week introduced the Super Legend, an 845-pound Cub clone powered by a 115-hp Lycoming 233 Series engine that the manufacturer says will yield the same power-to-weight ratio as the original 150-hp Piper Super Cub. Features of the Super Legend will include a Super Cub-style pressure cowling and classic Super Cub paint scheme, as well as Super Cub-style flaps, a 32-gallon fuel system with Left/Right/Both selector switch and a choice of instrument panels. The 233 Series engine boasts dual-spark CDI ignition, 2,400-hour TBO, and can operate on both 100LL and unleaded automotive fuel. A Sensenich ground adjustable propeller/spinner is also standard equipment. Further enhancements of the Super Legend include lightweight carbon fiber cowling, doors, interior panels, spinner, and wingtip bows. A parking brake system, fuel access steps on the landing gear, and a body-conforming adjustable seat are also standard equipment. Toe brakes are available as an option. Other included features include a 3-inch-wider cabin than the company's Legend Cub LSA, standard double doors, and the ability to solo from the front or rear seat. Landing options will include tundra tires, floats and skis. Introductory pricing for the Super Legend is $139,000. A 20 percent down payment is required to secure a production slot. Certification of the Lycoming 233 Series LSA engine is expected in the third quarter, while certification flight testing of the Super Legend is planned for the fourth quarter, with deliveries to begin early next year. The company plans to bring a prototype of the airplane to this summer's Oshkosh airshow.


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