NAFI, MyGoFlight-Flight Flix Join Forces

NAFI and MyGoFlight-Flight Flix are combining their efforts to increase safety by giving instructors tools to secure cameras, tablets, and smartphones in the cockpit.

While good teaching tools, cameras, smartphones, and tablets can become a hazard if unsecured in flight. [Shutterstock]

Cameras, tablets, and smartphones can be useful tools in the cockpit, but they can also become a hazard.

The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and MyGoFlight-Flight Flix, known for camera, iPad, and tablet cases and mounts, are combining their efforts to increase safety by giving instructors innovative tools to secure these items which have proven to be useful teaching tools. Many learners benefit from the ability to rewatch a flight in addition to receiving real-time feedback.

NAFI promotes professionalism in the flight instructor community, helping CFIs increase their skills as they educate the next generation of pilots.

As members of NAFI prepare for its annual summit in Lakeland, Florida, on October 24 through 26, NAFI president Paul Preidecker expressed the organization’s enthusiasm for this partnership.

"Safety is the No. 1 reason for selecting MyGoFlight-Flight Flix as our partner,” said Preidecker. “We believe this collaboration will help us better equip flight instructors and pilots with the tools they need to enhance safety and professionalism in aviation. We are excited to work together to further our mission of excellence in flight instruction."

Said MyGoFlight-Flight Flix president Dominic Martinez: "We are honored to be partnering with NAFI, an organization that shares our unwavering commitment to safety and excellence in aviation. Together, we can provide the aviation community with innovative, top-quality solutions that enhance the overall safety and effectiveness of flight training.”

As a result of the partnership, NAFI members will be able to purchase selected MyGoFlight | Flight Flix products at a discount.

For more information, visit NAFI at and MyGoFlight-Flight Flix at and

Meg Godlewski has been an aviation journalist for more than 24 years and a CFI for more than 20 years. If she is not flying or teaching aviation, she is writing about it. Meg is a founding member of the Pilot Proficiency Center at EAA AirVenture and excels at the application of simulation technology to flatten the learning curve. Follow Meg on Twitter @2Lewski.

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