McFarlane Receives FAA-PMA Nod for Cessna Fuel Selector Valves

McFarlane Aviation has secured FAA-PMA approval for cost-effective Cessna fuel selector valves, offering owners a quality alternative to OEM parts. The corrosion-resistant, precision-engineered solutions are part of an extensive product lineup at McFarlane.

McFarlane Aviation has secured FAA-PMA approval for cost-effective Cessna fuel selector valves [Image courtesy McFarlane Aviation]

McFarlane Aviation has achieved a significant milestone by receiving FAA-PMA approval for two new fuel selector valves, part numbers MC0311070 and MC0311070-1, extending the lineup of options for Cessna owners. These valves serve as direct replacements for Cessna OEM part numbers 0311025, 0311070, and 0311070-1. 

“Our fuel valve has improved corrosion resistance from the anodized coating,” McFarlane lead project engineer Val Yancey-Jardon said in a release. “They’re precision machined for the O-ring capture cavity, and we fully test each assembly before leaving the facility [in Baldwin City, Kansas].”

The development is part of McFarlane's broader effort to provide cost-effective and top-quality replacement parts for various Cessna aircraft models, from the 150s through the 190s. With this addition, Cessna owners now have access to a more-affordable alternative to the OEM valves without compromising on quality.

[Courtesy: McFarlane Aviation]

In addition to offering brand-new valves, McFarlane provides comprehensive repair services for Cessna fuel valves. Its inventory includes repair kits, seal kits, gaskets, fittings, and replacement parts. For Cessna fuel valves, McFarlane features long-life, fuel-proof Viton seals, ensuring lasting performance.

McFarlane said it caters to a wide range of aircraft applications with its line of fuel system replacement parts, benefiting various aircraft models, including Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Maule, and more.

McFarlane Aviation is a leading supplier of premium aircraft parts, accessories, and innovative solutions for general aviation. The company said its commitment to engineering meticulous products guarantees exceptional quality and extended lifespan.

McFarlane also owns and operates a diverse family of brands, including CJ Aviation, Flight-Resource/MT Propellers, and Airforms.

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