Lift Aviation’s AV-1 Kor Helmet

A customizable aviator's helmet for hardcore pilots.

While most general aviation pilots, such as those flying Mooneys, Cessnas, TBMs and Embraers, have as much need for a helmet as drivers of Fords and Lexuses, there are many pilots for which a helmet is a critical piece of equipment. Pilots pushing the limits flying aerobatic routines, formation aerobatics or battling it out in air races would be foolish to strap themselves into their cockpits without one.

Lift Aviation recently released its AV-1 KOR helmet, incorporating a lightweight honeycomb material called Koroyd, which offers exceptional strength while also providing ventilation and absorbing the shock of an impact. Lift claims the material reduces the strike forces by 32 percent over the EVA foam that is commonly used in helmets.

Covering the Koroyd on the inside is a breathable liner that Lift says promotes circulation and cooling. The exterior shell is made of a proprietary shatter-resistant composite material called PolyFusion.

An anti-fog visor is included with the AV-1 KOR. The visor is not permanently attached, but there is a clip on the backside of the helmet to keep it from falling off, and the strap has silicone strips that prevent sliding. The helmet’s visor comes in dark smoke, but multiple colors are available for an additional cost.

The chin strap is adjustable and connected with a patented Fidlock quick-release latch that can be connected with one hand.

The AV-1 KOR comes in three sizes and multiple colors, and it can be customized for pilots who want a unique look. Base price is $1,349.

The helmet can incorporate several different headsets. Current models include Active Headsets’, Lightspeed’s and Bose’s active noise-canceling systems. Standard, LEMO and HELO plugs are available. There are also several cable options and sizes, and the placement of mic and volume controls is customizable too.

While the materials are of high quality, they are very light. The total weight of the helmet is 1.7 pounds, or 3 pounds with headsets installed.


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