King Schools Launches Envision Flight Edu-Con

Designed for aviation educators, the symposium brought in professionals from across the nation to discuss teaching and training for pilots and mechanics.

San Diego was the place to be last week for aviation educators as King Schools launched its Envision Flight Edu-Con Symposium.

The symposium was designed to be a way for educators and professionals nationwide to exchange ideas, share experiences, and delve into the world of aviation teaching and training for both pilots and mechanics.

Brian Hough, King Schools’ senior vice president of business development and sales, was the driving force behind Envision Flight Edu-Con at Coast Air Center at Montgomery Field (KMYF).

“Our vision for this event was to create a unique program that not only offered exceptional educational opportunities for our flight school and university customers, but also connected vendors with an outstanding customer base,” Hough said.

Among the distinguished speakers were King Schools co-chairmen John and Martha King, CEO Barry Knuttila, FAA-designated pilot examiners Mary Schu, vice president of marketing at Redbird Flight Training, and Josh Harnagel, and many other experts in their corner of aviation.

“The speakers addressed topics designed to give our customers better tools for operating their businesses better,” said John Dowd, vice president of marketing and public relations for King Schools.

If you missed the event, the individual speakers’ presentations can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQTup63Foj4RTaOw5qbIjfYWBBzgP3xo5

The event also served as a launchpad for the celebration of King Schools’ 50-year anniversary.

About King Schools

King Schools Inc. is recognized as an industry leader in aviation training media. John and Martha King have been teaching since 1975 when they flew around the country to instruct ground schools. 

By the 1980s, they embraced the growing video trend, creating video courses in a spare room of their home. 

Today, King Schools is known for thousands of video-based knowledge courses, from full-blown ground schools to short subject videos. Its reach is so great that it is difficult to find a pilot who hasn’t done at least part of their training utilizing a King product.

For more information visit https://KingSchools.com/EnvisionFlight.


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