King Schools Announces ACS Training Courses

New high-definition videos make it easier for pilot applicants to pass the written and practical tests.

Pilot training icons John and Martha King announced major updates to the King Schools training video series in support of the new airman certification standards (ACS), the practical test standards replacement for pilot ratings that were put in effect on June 15.

The ACS puts a stronger focus on the thought process of risk management during the evaluation of pilot applicants. King Schools Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep video is the first to be updated and it includes content to clarify the new process. In addition to new HD instructional videos on the required topics, the King Schools course includes scenario-based clips with designated pilot examiner Mary Schu acting as the examiner in flight and John and Martha as the model pilot applicants. These clips provide examples of how to respond to questions relating to decision-making in the cockpit.

All King Schools’ courses update free of charge to existing customers, so if you have already purchased the Private Pilot Ground School and Test Prep Course you will get all of the new HD content for free. The retail price for the course is $139. King Schools has created special pricing for flight instructors to help them prepare their students for the new exam format. CFIs pay only $39 for the course while members of the National Association for Flight Instructors (NAFI) get the course for $29.

The content can also be viewed on the King Schools companion app for mobile tablets. Videos are accessible through the Internet with a Wi-Fi connection, or they can be downloaded for viewing when Wi-Fi is not available.

King Schools is also in the process of launching the HD video series for the Instrument rating.


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