Introducing: The Adventure Guide

Subscribers recently received a special issue of FLYING, with more destination content to come.

The Adventure Guide was a special extra issue sent to subscribers of FLYING Magazine.

This past week, we sent out our Adventure Guide to subscribers, and we have received a lot of feedback. 

We value this feedback and realize that this isn’t just our magazine, but it’s also yours, the reader.

One thing that I promise is that we will always try new things to bring additional valuable content to you.

The Adventure Guide was created as a special and unique extra issue, intended to highlight destinations that you can fly your aircraft to. For us, the easiest place to start was in our own backyard, which includes the fly-in resort and community we are building at The Fields. For some, the interest around the region and format was well received; for others it was met with caution and concern about the direction we took and they saw it as potentially self-serving.

“One thing that I promise is that we will always try new things to bring additional valuable content to you.”

I am a passionate entrepreneur, and I care deeply about the projects I’m involved with. I bring that same enthusiasm to what we are building at The Fields. I am also a pilot, and am equally passionate about aviation with a goal to promote the lifestyle we all enjoy as general aviation enthusiasts. The Fields was formed out of the intersection of those two passions.

Most importantly, though, I am passionate about FLYING and the history associated with the brand. 

Rest assured, we are not converting FLYING into a real-estate magazine. It was supplemental and complementary, and is not the standard format of FLYING going forward. 

The next issue of FLYING is already at the printer, and it will be on its way to you in the next few weeks. It will return to the consistent format that so many of our subscribers love. We are also planning on going back to monthly in October, with 12 issues per year. 

For those that appreciated the inclusion of our destination content, we plan on adding a section into FLYING that features fly-in destinations throughout the country. The goal is to highlight different regions and interesting places to visit in your aircraft. 

Over the next year, future issues of FLYING will include coverage centered around the following regions, including Alaska, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Florida, New York, Colorado, Washington, and various provinces in Canada. We would love to hear your suggestions on regions you’d love for us to explore.  

I want to thank the FLYING community for voicing your thoughts and concerns. The love and passion you have for the magazine and brand is what makes FLYING so special. 

If you would like to join in on the print journey and all the exciting updates we’re making to the magazine, subscribe here.

A pilot for more than three decades, Craig Fuller is owner and CEO of FLYING parent company Firecrown Media.

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