FLYING Magazine to Expand Back to Monthly With 50 Percent Larger Book

Biggest print expansion in the magazine’s history is scheduled to launch in August.

FLYING Magazine can be yours for only $20 per year, if you act fast. [Photo: Craig Fuller]

Over the past year, we’ve expanded FLYING to include an entirely new digital website and made significant upgrades to the print magazine. The current team at FLYING includes the largest staff to ever work on the brand and the largest number of full-time and contracted writers, photographers, and contributors in the magazine’s 95-year history. 

“We are going back to monthly, and we are keeping the high-quality print and design that we introduced in the first quarter.”

As promised, we wanted the magazine to be something coffee table-worthy and the highest quality magazine dedicated to pilots in the world.

I believe we accomplished that with our first two quarterly editions of FLYING, the second of which ships next week. With the feedback we’ve received from the FLYING community and tapping into my own love of FLYING, we’ve decided to do the biggest print magazine expansion in FLYING’s history.

We are going back to monthly, and we are keeping the high-quality print and design that we introduced in the first quarter.

But that isn’t all. 

This August, we plan to expand the magazine from 112 pages to 164 pages. Like our first two editions of the new design, they are going to be incredibly beautiful, with the highest end paper and packaged with beautiful photos and stories.  

As a FLYING subscriber, you will now receive monthly print issues that are the highest quality magazines in aviation, along with 52 more pages of aviation content each month.  

In addition to the content you currently enjoy, we are also going to be going much deeper into topics that impact current or prospective aircraft owners. Things like aircraft maintenance, finance, buying/selling an aircraft, hangars, and even a section dedicated to aircraft and real estate listings. The back of the book is inspired by Dupont Registry, but for aviation lovers. 

We are also introducing two special editions each year: A summer adventure flying edition and a buyer’s guide. The adventure flying issue will be the July edition and the annual buyers guide will be the October issue. 

I am incredibly excited about this expansion of FLYING Magazine and ask for your support by becoming a subscriber. Subscriptions help cover our cost to deliver the highest quality aviation magazine on the planet. 

Also, don’t forget to tell your pilot friends about all of the exciting developments at FLYING.

A pilot for more than three decades, Craig Fuller is owner and CEO of FLYING parent company Firecrown Media.

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