Honda Aircraft Launches HondaJet Elite

Customers can expect longer legs, avionics enhancements and greater creature comfort.

Ahead of the European Business Aircraft Convention and Expo, which opened its doors this week in Geneva, Honda Aircraft announced an advanced version of the HondaJet. The HondaJet Elite promises longer range, and has added more avionics, paint and interior options.

With a range of 1,437 nm, the Elite version has a 17-percent greater range than the original HondaJet. Honda Aircraft claims to have greater fuel efficiency than any other aircraft in its category of light jets. While the HondaJet was already known for being exceptionally quiet, a modification to the engine inlet structure has reduced both exterior and interior noise even more, the company says.

Updates to the avionics will make flight planning even easier. The HondaJet Elite has added automatic computations for required runway length, V-speeds, climb and approach gradients, and performance planning for all phases of flight to its itegrated Garmin G3000 avionics suite. New safety features include angle of attack, stability protection, coupled go-around technology and underspeed protection.

Passengers in the aft cabin should appreciate the optional full-service galley, Wifi and built-in, speakerless sound system from Bongiovi Acoustics. The speakerless sound system isn’t just esthetically pleasing since the speakers are integrated into the side panels. It is also lighter and promises a uniform audio experience. In addition to new options, the interior has received a facelift with two-toned leather seats, and operators can add a seventh belted seat in the private lavatory section.

The HondaJet Elite airplanes will stand out from their fleet-mates with three new paint options: Ice Blue, Ruby Red and Monarch Orange.


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