Gulfstream G600 Arrives at NBAA-BACE in Style

A fully-equipped Gulfstream G600 made its debut at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas this week. Gulfstream

Riding high on the success of its final test flight in August, the Gulfstream G600 arrived in Las Vegas this week for a formal unveiling. The fully-outfitted G600 offered customers and general onlookers an idea of just how luxurious the aircraft can be, as it was built with a "high level of customization" in mind.

“The G600 cabin, like that of its sister ship, the Gulfstream G500, is the most functional, flexible and comfortable in business aviation,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “In the three years since our G600 cabin was on display at NBAA-BACE, we received considerable customer feedback and have incorporated many of those suggestions into our first production G600.”

Unveiled in 2014, the G600 took its maiden flight in December 2016, after Gulfstream revealed at that year's NBAA-BACE event in Orlando that both the G500 and G600 were ahead of schedule. Gulfstream's first four G600 test models flew more than 180 flights, accumulating more than 790 test flight hours. The fifth test aircraft, which flew in August, featured a complete interior for testing passenger comfort.

The G600 features a long, customized cabin with up to four living spaces. Gulfstream

The emphasis is certainly on customization, as the G600’s cabin length – the longest in its class – offers room for up to four living areas, as well as two lavatories and a galley with all the bells and whistles. As many as 19 passengers can eat, sleep and generally kick back and relax, while also enjoying satellite communications and high-speed internet, among other tech features.

Gulfstream expects FAA certification in 2018, with deliveries by the end of the year.


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