Gear: Randolph Sunglasses

The Aviator is a classic frame style with many choices of colors, both for the frames and lenses. This style retails for $149-$239. Randolph Engineering

Pilot sunglasses cut glare and protect from extreme exposure to solar radiation, but they've also become a fashion statement. Randolph Engineering's Aviator line provides both protection and style that pilots rave about. Gradient-tint lenses provide increased protection on the top half of the lens while offering a clearer picture below.

The frames come in several sizes, and the bayonet temples are designed to fit under headgear. They can break the seal of a noise-canceling headset, but they rest nicely above the ear cup.

The Aviator II includes a sports sweat bar on the frame. It, too, comes in multiple color selections. This style retails for $189–$259. Randolph Engineering
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