Gear: Bush Pilot Bag

Flight Outfitters’ Bush Pilot bag fits everything a pilot needs, and then some. Flight Outfitters

You don't need to be a regular backcountry flier to get use from Flight Outfitters' Bush Pilot bag. This rugged soft-shell bag is designed to carry everything you need for a flight, including a sizable space for an overnight stay should unexpected weather conditions or a maintenance event leave you grounded.

The bag is made of durable canvas, leather and metal, with soft felt lining to protect your valuable flight gear. In addition to carrying straps, the Bush Pilot includes a padded shoulder strap, making it easier to carry if you have to walk or if you load the bag with heavy stuff. The bag itself weighs 3.5 pounds. $139.95 at

Flight Outfitters' Bush Pilot Bag. Flight Outfitters

1) Large side pockets on each end of the bag are designed to fit headsets. All pockets are lined with a soft orange felt material to protect your flight gear.

2) A slim but wide zippered front pocket provides quick access to an electronic tablet. Organization slots within the front pocket can fit accessories such as pens, chargers and other small items.

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