GE Aviation Supports System Development on Gulfstream G400 and G800

The data concentration network, and power and health management systems will be supplied for the new large-cabin and ultralong-range business jets.

GE Aviation announced on Wednesday that it will supply the data concentration network, power management, and health management systems on the upcoming Gulfstream G400 large cabin and G800 ultralong-range business jets.

Leveraging the system’s integration into the G500 and G600 members of the Gulfstream family, GE Aviation will build the data concentration network in the G400 and G800 to similarly connect avionics with other systems in the aircraft. Through the integration into the airplane, Gulfstream can configure the flexible network based on customer needs—and reconfigure through the airplane’s lifespan to adapt to changes in equipment, resources, and evolving requirements.

The power management system—also found in the G500 and G600—uses GE Aviation’s modular tile unit that can be positioned in various places in the aircraft, based on cabin configurations and wiring optimization. It also features a flexible architecture to enable reconfiguration through the airplane’s life cycle.

“The health management system on the G400 and G800 builds on GE’s technology on the G500 and G600 and that powers Gulfstream’s PlaneConnect system on the Gulfstream G650,” Andrew Carlisle, vice president of systems sales and commercial operations for GE Aviation. “The system will include enhanced computer monitoring of more than 9,000 parameters with real-time communications through satellite, Wi-Fi transmission and 4G/cellular.”

“We are excited to continue our technology collaboration with Gulfstream for the G400 and G800 aircraft,” said Brad Mottier, president of systems for GE Aviation.

“Gulfstream is a leader in business jets, and this proven technology has been a differentiator for the Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600. We’re working with Gulfstream to continue this leadership in the marketplace.”

GE announced the upcoming split of its business into three publicly traded entities in the next two years to enable a focus on its aviation core business.


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