The D2 Delta PX is Garmin’s Most Advanced Pilot’s Watch Yet

$1,249; Garmin Garmin

Who ever thought a pilot’s watch would do all this? Garmin’s latest D2 Delta PX pilot’s watch incorporates a GPS moving map, wrist-based pulse oximeter that tracks blood oxygen saturation in flight, Nexrad color weather radar imagery, airport data, automatic flight logging, connectivity with compatible avionics and more.

The D2 Delta PX also includes several fitness functions, such as heart-rate monitor, activity profiles and fitness tracking. It can store and play up to 500 songs and connect with an audio panel or headset using Bluetooth technology.

The Garmin Pay feature built into the watch lets you link it to your credit card to make purchases so you can leave your cash and cards at home.

One of the features we like best is that the battery lasts 20 days in smartwatch mode and 18 hours with the GPS and pulse-oximeter features turned on.

You can sync the watch with your Garmin Pilot app, and if you have an ADS-B In unit, such as the Garmin GDL 50, you can see traffic targets and get other situational alerts on the watch. How cool is that?

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