Winning Aviation Students Learn About GA Manufacturing

GAMA Aviation Design Challenge winners learned about Eviation’s developmental commuter aircraft, as well as composites, metal fabrication, and welding.

A group of winning aviation high school students in Washington recently scored a front-row experience in general aviation manufacturing that included viewing a developmental electric aircraft, working with composites, and participating in flight demonstrations.

The immersive experience was the prize for a team of students from Raisbeck Aviation High School in Tukwila, Washington, who in July were named winners of the 2021 General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Aviation Design Challenge.

The team created  its award-winning design in a virtual simulator. The design maximized payload while also allowing the aircraft to land on short runways surrounded by high terrain. Their winning entry included an aircraft design featuring the addition of spoilers, retractable gear, and a narrowing of the Glasair’s fuselage to reduce drag.

Members of the Raisbeck Aviation High School team include:

  • Atticus Bhat
  • Garett Griner
  • Jason Poon
  • Lyra Young

“This team was full of bright, talented students who were enthusiastic about aviation and learning more about the industry,” Pete Bunce, GAMA president and CEO, said in a statement. “They all have bright futures, and we look forward to following their prospective journeys in aviation.”

As part of the experience, the four-student team toured aircraft manufacturer Eviation’s plant to learn about the developmental progress of “Alice,” the company’s all-electric commuter aircraft program. While there, they also learned about MagniX’s electric propulsion system, which powers Alice.

“The team then spent four days at CubCrafters in Yakima, Washington, learning and receiving hands-on exposure to composites, metal fabrication, machinery, welding, and the manufacturing assembly line,” according to GAMA. “The team also participated in a Component Design Challenge, in which they worked with designers and engineers to design, prototype, and test a sample headset hanger to be used in CubCrafters aircraft.”

A team of students from The Pennington School in New Jersey, who were second-place winners in the 2021 Aviation Design Challenge, earned a two-day STEM Lab Camp provided by Redbird Flight Simulations for their prize.

“The students really enjoy the fun, engaging learning environment that is created through the hands-on training of a flight simulator, which engages their creativity and fosters their interests in STEM outside the classroom,” said Charlie Gregoire, Redbird Flight Simulations COO and president.

Registration for the 2022 Aviation Design Challenge is currently open and more information can be found here. Registration closes December 17.


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