Gallery: Roc Takes Third Test Flight

Stratolaunch’s Rocthe biggest airplane in the world—returned to the sky Sunday, making its first test flight in more than eight months. Check out some photos from this historic event.

Stratolaunch director of flight operations Evan “Ivan” Thomas approaches Roc before Sunday’s test flight. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Pre-flight preparations on Sunday at California’s Mojave Air & Space Port (KMHV) began before daybreak. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Roc was wheels up at 8:48 a.m. PT Sunday from Runway 30 at California’s Mojave Air & Space Port. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Eventually, Roc’s massive wings will carry and launch reusable hypersonic test aircraft. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
The one-of-a-kind airplane is powered by six Pratt & Whitney PW4056 turbofans obtained from retired Boeing 747-400s. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Roc’s length measures 238 feet. Surprisingly, the Boeing 747-8i’s 250-foot length is 12 feet longer. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Roc’s flight crew cycled through retraction and deployment of the middle main landing gear on the left fuselage. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Roc pilot Mark “Gidro” Giddings made two low approaches above the runway Sunday before landing the gigantic airplane. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Roc landed Sunday at California’s Mojave Air & Space Port after a test flight that lasted nearly four and a half hours. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
Roc’s flight crew executed two low approaches over Runway 30 before landing. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]
The world’s largest airplane by wingspan boasts a total of 28 wheels. [Courtesy: Stratolaunch]


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