FLYING’s New and Improved Buyers Guide

FLYING Buyers Guide gives readers all the tools they need to understand the aircraft buying process.

FLYING’s new virtual newsstand offers single issue sales.

FLYING Magazine is excited to announce the new and improved FLYING Buyers Guide special issue. The FLYING Buyers Guide gives you all the tools you need when considering the when, the what, the why, and how of buying a new or new-to-you aircraft. 

The Buyers Guide includes:

  • Tax benefits
  • Insurance options
  • Performance metrics
  • Price charts
  • Aircraft reviews
  • And all your favorite FLYING contributors and content

The guide will feature aircraft of a wide range of types, including single-engine pistons, multiengine pistons, turboprops, and jets. It will also feature a look at buying light sport aircraft and used experimental/amateur-built aircraft for varying missions, a market outlook on pricing and valuations, and so much more!

We’d love you to see how we’re investing in building the most informative and entertaining aviation magazine in our industry. Published for more than 95 years and written by an award winning staff of writers, subscribe to FLYING Magazine to see for yourself!

If you are not ready to commit to a full subscription, FLYING now offers single issues in the virtual newsstand.

With FLYING’s new virtual newsstand, you can snag any of the latest four issues of the magazine, plus the Buyers Guide at a great price. One issue is only $13.

Newsstand Issues

  • Q1 2022
  • Q2 2022
  • Adventure Guide 
  • Q3 2022
  • Buyers Guide
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