Flybe Airliner Lands Hard at Amsterdam Airport

The Bombardier Q400 ground to a halt on the runway after its gear collapsed on touchdown.

A passenger-carrying Flybe airliner suffered substantial damage on Thursday at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol after its landing gear collapsed on touchdown.

Flight 1284, arriving from Edinburgh, Scotland, battled severe weather from Storm Doris, which struck western Europe with winds up to 100 mph. Wind gusts were reportedly at 30 to 40 mph when the Flybe pilot landed hard, apparently with little flare, as seen in the video below.

Footage from passengers inside the aircraft shows the right wing dipping sharply, appearing to result in a prop strike, as the airliner grinds to a halt on the runway.

The pilot declared a Mayday as smoke entered the cockpit, and fire trucks promptly arrived on the scene, preventing a fire. Passengers were evacuated and bused to the airport terminal.

No injuries were reported, but the Bombardier Q400 will be out of commission for some time.


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