FlightSafety Teams Up with Safe Flight to Provide Angle of Attack Indicator for Trainers

FlightSafety Academy and Safe Flight have teamed up to equip 30 planes with head-up angle of attack indexer displays. FlightSafety Academy

After an extensive evaluation process, FlightSafety has chosen Safe Flight Instrument Corp. to equip more than 30 airplanes in its Piper training fleet in Vero Beach, Florida, with head-up angle of attack indexer displays.

Safe Flight’s SCc lift transducer provides an accurate AoA reading by measuring the wing’s leading edge stagnation point and flow field. In order to prevent loss-of-control accidents, the system not only indicates AoA, but also provides flashing red LEDs and audio output to alert the pilot of increasing AoA and impending stall.

In addition to providing low airspeed awareness, the SCc provides guidance for normal and short-field takeoffs and landings, climb, wing-adjusted AoA cruise speed for maximum range and maximum endurance.

“Who better understands the importance of training the next generation of pilots on the value of flying angle of attack than FlightSafety International?” said Safe Flight Executive Vice President Matthew Greene. “For over 65 years, FlightSafety has been the industry leader in providing the highest caliber of flight training to hundreds of thousands of current and future pilots, and for over 70 years Safe Flight has been providing wing lift sensors for AoA-based stall warning for the majority of GA aircraft.”


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