Flight Outfitters’ Simple, Clean Centerline Backpack

The Centerline backpack is priced at $99.95. Flight Outfitters

With so many flight bags on the market, why would there be a need for a new design? Apparently, Flight Outfitters saw the demand and sought to meet it with the Centerline backpack.

The bag has a simple, clean design that includes a slew of pilot-friendly features. On one side is a slot for a standard fuel tester, along with a mesh pocket with an elastic top that prevents gear from falling out. The other side of the bag has a full-length zipper opening up to a padded compartment that has slots for two large electronic devices.

Covered with a large flap held down by quick-release straps is the main compartment, which can be split in two to provide a headset pocket that can be opened from the side. The divider can be folded down to provide a much larger space for books, clothes or other stuff if you’re not bringing a headset to the airport. Multiple small and large pockets within the main compartment help keep your gear organized.

A slot on the back of the bag fits over the handle of a roller bag.

Other clever features have been added to simplify the pilot’s life, such as a pass-through slot for charging cables for the electronics.

Easy Access

Quick-release buckles make it easy to open the flap for the main compartment, which has multiple pockets to keep your gear organized. There are also several external pockets for things that you need in a snap.


The Centerline backpack is tech savvy. A large side compartment has two slots for a laptop and a tablet. A pass-through cable port allows for charging without removing the electronic devices from the bag.


While the backpack has multiple options for storage and thick shoulder straps, and is made of rugged materials, it won’t weigh you down. The total weight of this pilot-minded backpack is only 2 pounds 3 ounces.

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