Flight Outfitters Seaplane Duffels

The Flight Outfitters Seaplane duffels come in two sizes, 40 liters and 60 liters. Flight Outfitters

As we gear up for the summer flying season, a lot of us are flight planning the cross-country trips that might take us anywhere from the High Country to the beach. Flight Outfitters recently released a new series in its line of aircraft-ready baggage and apparel aimed toward use in the challenging (and soggy) floatplane environment. But if you’ve ever dropped your flight bag into a puddle on the ramp, you know that we all could use extra-tough bags with squish-ability, allowing them to pack into all kinds of cargo compartments.

The Flight Outfitters Seaplane duffels come in two sizes, 40 liters and 60 liters, and they’re crafted from ripstop fabric with a thermoplastic-polyurethane layer that repels water and wipes clean. A special storm flap over the U-shaped main zipper keeps the wet stuff—whether it’s rain or waves—from getting inside. Carrying handles extend to create a sling that turns the bag into a temporary backpack.

The bags join a portfolio of gear that Flight Outfitters founder and pilot Mark Glassmeyer and the team have assembled to suit a variety of aerial missions. For example, the Lift series features models such as the Lift XL, tailored to carry headsets and other flight gear in a carryall that slips over the handle of your roll-aboard luggage. The Bush Pilot series has rugged canvas construction with leather trim, with plenty of exterior pockets to holster radios, iPads and fuel testers.

Duffle Bag Details:

  • The flap covering the zipper isn’t watertight but shelters the zipper while retaining easy access.
  • The exterior webbing loops allow you to attach all manner of gear using carabiners—or to secure the duffel to a float or an interior cargo strap or net using a line or rope.
  • Additional pockets hold fragile items, or any gear you need easy access to.
  • The TPU layer makes the duffels water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • The bottom of the bag is padded to protect what’s inside.
  • The Seaplane duffels retail for $49.95 for the 40-liter size and $69.95 for the 60-liter bag—or both for $99.95.

This story appeared in the April/May 2021 issue of Flying Magazine

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