FAA Confirms Active Winglet Performance

AFMS for Tamarack’s ATLAS system for Citation C525 series is approved.

Tamarack Atlas winglet
The FAA and other agencies have approved the ATLAS Active Winglet system’s Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement.Tamarack

Tamarack has received approval from the FAA, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) for its ATLAS Active Winglet system’s AFMS (Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement), publicly confirming the performance improvements of the system. The system in question is designed for the Cessna Citation C525 series of bizjets: the CJ, CJ1, CJ1+ and M2.

“Regulatory approval of this new performance data proves what our existing owners have known since their installs,” said Nick Guida, founder and CEO of Tamarack Aerospace. “With ATLAS you can climb faster, fly farther and burn less fuel.”

The approval confirms that the system increases the maximum takeoff weight by 600 pounds, maximum zero fuel weight by 400 pounds and the climb rate by eight to 15 percent, depending on the segment of the climb. For the M2, the system also removes the altitude restriction for an inoperative yaw damper.

Tamarack is working with flight planning vendors to modify cruise performance tables that represent the performance with the ATLAS installed.

The maintenance manual for the airplanes was also approved. The installation allows for maintenance on condition and the fatigue life is identical to the non-modified wing.

An additional benefit of the system includes improved stability without the weight penalty of any structural reinforcement.