FAA and EASA Certify A321LR

Airliner can fly as far as 4,000 nm.

The Airbus A321LR was last week certified by both the FAA and EASA, a move that allows the aircraft to hit a 4,000 nm destination with reserves, as well as ETOPS approval for flights on one engine while more than 180 nm from a suitable airport. That maximum range is possible with 206 passengers aboard. The A321 can hit its new long range by using up to three additional underfloor center fuel tanks to hold the necessary extra fuel.

The FAA and EASA also approved the A321 Neo’s Airbus Cabin Flex option, which utilizes a modified fuselage structure with new door arrangements and a maximum takeoff weight of up to 107 tons. Only A321 Neos with the new ACF can operate with the higher maximum takeoff weight.

The A321LR is seen by many as the first suitable replacement for Boeing’s venerable 757 that went out of production more than a decade ago.


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