Epic Optix’s Epic Eagle HUD

Low-cost head-up guidance for general aviation.

Annapolis, Maryland-based Epic Optix has partnered with Textron Aviation on a $2,000 head-up display for general aviation that runs on aircraft power and mounts to the glareshield. The full-color HUD receives data via Wi-Fi from an Apple iPad or Android tablet running any electronic-flight-bag software, allowing users to view critical flight information without the need to look down at the instrument panel.

The HUD is designed to AirPlay or screen-mirror data displayed from a mobile device. Epic Optix says the HUD can work with any type of EFB software application, including Avidyne’s IFD100, ForeFlight Mobile, WingX Pro, Garmin Pilot, Appareo Horizon for Stratus and others.

The Epic Eagle can display altitude, airspeed, vertical speed indicator and angle-of-attack information without requiring a pilot to constantly scan instruments. The HUD can also show traffic, terrain and other hazards through all phases of flight, and has proved effective at eliminating vertigo during IFR flight because the HUD minimizes head movement.


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