Flying a Diamond DA40 NG on the Ground

Alsim says its new Diamond DA40 NG flight training device is as realistic as they come. Alsim

These days some hangar flying in a flight training device doesn’t seem all that unusual, especially to pilots living in cities with local shelter-in-place orders. No matter how realistic a simulator claims to be though, most pilots will tell you they still know the devices are simply pretend airplanes. Trying to take on that realism challenge, French simulator builder Alsim says its new AL42 level 5 FTD is “an exact replica of the Diamond DA40 NG.”

While we too have only seen the photos and read the news release, the new FTD certainly does look like a DA40, even down to the pilot pulling open the canopy to climb in like on the real airplane. The AL40 builds on the 15-year history of Alsim’s AL42 FTD for the DA42 twin. Alsim says it relied on feedback from AL42 customers like Airbus, L3 Harris, Aeros Flight Training, EuroPilot Center and others to create the AL40. Alsim also has a full global certification team to ensure their simulators are compliant with the latest standards from EASA, FAA, Transport Canada and CAAC in China.

The new FTD includes a full Garmin avionics system. Alsim

The AL40 boasts an impressive list of features including a Garmin G1000 NXi and GFC 700 autopilot/flight director with electric pitch trim, and flight controls with electric control loading in the pitch, roll and yaw axes. The standard AL40 includes Alsim’s new in-house VFR image generator and visual system with a 210-degree screen. The new FTD also provides numerous failure options that allow students to recognize and work through problems in a safe environment. Other options include professional live air traffic control and Alsim’s Advanced Simulator Virtual Assistant.

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