Diamond Aircraft DART-450 Prototype Takes First Flight

The DART-450 prototype flew for the first time Tuesday. Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft’s DART-450 prototype flew for the first time on Tuesday. Production will progress following the successful maiden flight, says Diamond Aircraft CEO Christian Dries.

“Company chief test pilot Ingmar Mayerbuch and flight test engineer Thomas Wimmer have been so excited about the first results that certification and serial production is green-lighted,” Dries says.

CEO Christian Dries says production will begin soon on the all-carbon-fiber two-seater. Diamond Aircraft

The all-carbon-fiber two-seater, envisioned as an aerobatic (+7/-5G) civilian and military trainer, features a sidestick, pneumatic ejection seats, a five-blade MT propeller and a Garmin avionics system. Equipped with the Ivchenko-Progress/Motor Sich AI-450S turboprop engine, the DART is capable of a maximum takeoff power of 500 hp and an expected top speed of 250 knots TAS. Maximum endurance is eight hours, plus reserve.

Watch the maiden flight of Diamond Aircraft DART-450 below.


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