David Clark DC-One X a Contender in High-End Headset Market

The DC-One X’s sound quality in flight is exceptional. Flying

The new DC-One X active noise-reduction headset from David Clark is aimed squarely at the market turf dominated by Bose, Lightspeed, AKG and other high-end products. Known for its legendary durability but not the most comfortable headsets, David Clark has upped its game considerably with the DC-One X, which feels great, with top-notch sound quality to match. We put the DC-One X to a real-world test recently alongside the Bose A20 and Lightspeed Zulu.2 and came away from the experience impressed by the David Clark product. The Bose and Lightspeed headsets edged out the DC-One X ever so slightly for ANR effectiveness and comfort, but the craftsmanship and sound quality of David Clark are second to none. The digital signal processing technology employed by David Clark provides high-fidelity audio for cockpit communications or listening to your favorite music in flight. Built-in Bluetooth wirelessly connects cellphones, tablets and other personal devices. The collapsible headband allows for compact storage. Priced at $895, this headset is a worthy alternative to any top-tier ANR product on the market.

Hybrid ANR: David Clark's DC-One X headset features hybrid electronic noise cancellation technology that puts it on par with other top models. Flying
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