Moving on from the Falcon 5X, Dassault Launches All-New 6X

The Dassault Falcon 6X will fly with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 series turbofan engines. [Photo: Dassault]

Dassault Aviation, seeking for a way to revive its ambitions in the super-midsize category after the cancellation of the Falcon 5X development program last year, yesterday introduced the Falcon 6X, a new 5,500-nm twinjet that is due make its first flight in early 2021 and begin deliveries in 2022.

Dassault has selected Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW800-series engine to power the Falcon 6X, which Dassault says will offer the “quietest and most comfortable cabin” of any aircraft in its class and “more cabin volume than any other Falcon ever designed.”

If you’re wondering how similar the 6X is to the 5X in terms of aerodynamics and general systems, the answer is very. The 6X will be “largely based” on the Falcon 5X design, but optimized to take advantage of the new engine, while offering a greater range and a longer cabin.

“We wanted to further push the boundaries with this new aircraft, to provide the best flight experience possible using today’s aviation know-how,” said Eric Trappier, chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. “The Falcon 6X will offer a mix of range, comfort and capability no other large cabin business jet can match while guaranteeing fully mature systems and a proven powerplant.”

The $47 million 6X will have a top speed of Mach 0.90 and a max range of 5,500 nautical miles, which will be longer than any other current jet in the super-midsize category. The Pratt & Whitney Canada PurePower PW812D engine for the 6X is a replacement for the 5X’s beleaguered Snecma Sivercrest engine. With a thrust rating of 13,000-14,000 pounds, it is the same engine that powers the new Gulfstream G500 and G600.

The 6X, like the Falcon 7X and 8X, will feature full fly-by-wire flight controls and advanced cockpit technologies. The cockpit is all-new, Dassault says, and based on the third generation EASy III digital flight deck. It will be delivered with a full complement of safety and utility equipment, including Dassault’s FalconSphere II electronic flight bag and the FalconEye Combined Vision System – the first head-up display to combine enhanced and synthetic vision capabilities.

Dassault says the 6X’s cabin will be 6 feet, 6 inches high and 8 feet 6 inches wide, and is 40 feet 8 inches long. The cabin will accommodate 16 passengers in three distinct “lounge” areas, offered in multiple configurations including a large entryway/crew rest area and a spacious rear seating area.


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