Cessna Citation CJ3 Series Now Tops 600 Deliveries

The single-pilot certified Cessna Citation CJ3+ can carry up to nine passengers for 2,000 nm. Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation this week announced in a news release the delivery of its 600th aircraft in the Citation CJ family—in this case a CJ3+. The customer for the new jet preferred to remain anonymous. This latest delivery brings the total of all Citations delivered to well more than 5,000 aircraft, as Flying reported in February.

The single-pilot Citation CJ3+ comes standard with Garmin’s G3000 avionics and high-speed internet capabilities, as well as seating for nine passengers and up to 1,000 lb. of baggage. “The Citation CJ3+ boasts the latest technology in the cabin and cockpit providing both unrivalled comfort and productivity for passengers, and intuitive, efficient operation for either single-pilot operation—perfect for owner-operators—or traditional two-pilot operations,” the company stated in the release. The CJ3+ offers a non-stop range of 2,040 nm, making “the Citation CJ3+ perfectly suited for the light jet market segment and can fly single-pilot and up to four passengers nonstop from Washington, D.C., to Mexico City; from London to Moscow; from Shanghai to Bangkok; or from Lima to São Paulo.”

The CJ3+ aircraft features a fresh air system to keep cabin air clean, bringing fresh air from outside into the aircraft through the engines. The air is then cooled and enters the cabin as cold or warm air, depending on passenger preference. The engines compress and heat the air eliminating pathogens and germs.

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