CAF’s Red Tail Squadron Grows Virtual Museum

Philip Parker’s painting of the P-51C Mustang A Train flown by Tuskegee Airman pilot Charles Dryden is autographed by Dryden and six other Airmen. Red Tail Squadron

Last fall, CAF's Red Tail Squadron, which aims to educate the general public about the struggles and successes of the Tuskegee Airmen and inspire the youth to overcome obstacles, launched a virtual museum. A component of the Red Tail Squadron's website, the virtual museum features artifacts, images and memorabilia supplied by Tuskegee Airmen and other enthusiasts.

The virtual museum has grown exponentially since its recent launch. Grouped into segments, the virtual museum includes artwork and memorials, instruments and tools used by the Tuskegee Airmen, historical documents, clothing, photos and more.

To further grow the library of artifacts, the Red Tail Squadron is offering a prize drawing to anyone who submits entries. At the end of the year, all contributors will be entered into a grand prize drawing.

“Our work started out with one airplane, meticulously restored to be able to educate people about the Tuskegee Airmen,” said the CAF Red Tail Squadron’s marketing director LaVone Kay. “Through perseverance and the goodwill of our supporters, our message of inspiration has flourished far beyond our humble beginnings. The virtual museum is another tool we’ve facilitated to honor this important piece of black history, and inspire people with the incredible story of the Tuskegee Airmen.”

Pia Bergqvist joined FLYING in December 2010. A passionate aviator, Pia started flying in 1999 and quickly obtained her single- and multi-engine commercial, instrument and instructor ratings. After a decade of working in general aviation, Pia has accumulated almost 3,000 hours of flight time in nearly 40 different types of aircraft.

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