Bye Aerospace Starts Production on the eFlyer 2

Composites Universal Group was selected to begin tooling and construction.

With many concept aircraft failing to make it past the prototype stage, Bye Aerospace has made it to the next milestone with its electric aircraft program. The company started production on the first conforming eFlyer, Bye announced on January 26. Composites Universal Group, of Warren, Oregon, was selected to begin tooling and construction.

“We continue to make advances in the certification process,” said George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. “These activities commence production of the first conforming eFlyer 2, the first of three planned conforming eFlyer 2 aircraft that will be used to help complete final FAA certification. We look forward to working with Steve Ruege and the team at CUG.”

Work has begun on serial 001, which features an all-carbon-fiber fuselage. The two-seat, all-electric eFlyer 2 is the first of a series of planned designs that will answer the projected need for a reduced emissions platform for the flight training industry. Bye Aerospace is aiming for a five-fold decrease in operating costs, no CO2 emissions, and a reduced noise footprint.

CUG, founded in 1994, produces composite tools, components, and assemblies to the experimental aircraft industry. CUG will partner with Bye on pursuing regular FAA Part 23 certification on the eFlyer 2.


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