Build-Your-Own eVTOL Completes First Commute in Tuscany

Jetson co-founder Tomasz Patan took the Jetson One out for a joyride to work.

Jetson’s build-your-own eVTOL, Jetson One, made its first commute in Santa Maria a Monte, Tuscany, Italy. According to the startup, Jetson co-founder Tomasz Patan flew his Jetson One from his home to the office 4.8 km away—reducing his commute time by 88 percent.

According to the company, the fully-electric Jetson One has a top speed of 63 mph (55 knots), and a total flight time of 20 minutes on one charge, which happens to be enough for Patan to fly to work.

“Our long-term goal is to democratize flight. We firmly believe the ‘eVTOL’ is the future for mass transportation. We are committed to making this a reality,” Patan said.

Prince Albert II of Monaco recently unveiled the Jetson One to the public. The eVTOL won the Best in Innovation Award at the 2022 Vivatech, Europe’s “biggest startup and tech event.”

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While Jetson’s entire 2022 production is sold out, you may still be able to reserve one  for 2023—at an estimated cost of $92,000. There will be some assembly required, but Jetson president Peter Ternström told FLYING it’s nothing to worry about.

“If you get the Jetson at lunchtime, you’re ready to fly by dinner,” he said.

Despite Patan’s aerial commute to work, the Jetson One is designed for recreational purposes.

“The scope of the project is not to solve big issues like urban mobility or air taxis or something like that,” he said. “The Jetson is all about having fun.”


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