Jetson One To Be Unveiled by Prince Albert II of Monaco

The Swedish startup company is celebrating its six-month anniversary with new footage of the build-your-own eVTOL.

The Jetson One is one of the only eVTOL’s that doesn’t require a pilot’s certificate to operate. [Courtesy: Jetson Aero]

Swedish tech startup Jetson Aerospace is set to make the first public appearance of its Jetson One eVTOL on June 8, where it will be revealed by Prince Albert II of Monaco.

In making the announcement Thursday, the company also released new footage of the build-your-own eVTOL flying over the Tuscan hills, this time featuring a takeoff and landing. Earlier videos have shown the Jetson One flying over sand dunes, through a forest, and over water.

“The Jetson is built like a Formula One car for the sky and incredibly fun to fly. Most importantly, the flight stabilization system we developed makes flight super easy. We can make anyone a pilot in less than five minutes,” said Peter Ternstrom, co-founder and president.

According to Jetson, the company will be attending the Top Marques in Monaco, Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo, and VivaTech in Paris. 

“Our long-term goal is to democratize flight. We firmly believe the 'eVTOL' is the future for mass transportation. We are committed to making this a reality,” said Tomasz Patan, co-founder and CTO.

The Jetson One has been on the market for six months and has already garnered thousands of pre-orders around the world. The single-rider recreational aircraft is currently available for $92,000 with a $22,000 deposit.

The popularity of the Jetson One is driven in part by the company’s mission to “make everyone a pilot.” Because of its classification as an ultralight vehicle, no pilot experience is required to fly it. The lightweight aircraft can take you to speeds up to 63 mph, flying you around for around 20 minutes at a time.

“The Jetson ethos is all about beautifully simple solutions to air mobility and transportation. The Jetson One is our answer to fun and recreational flight,” Ternström said.

Jeremy attained his bachelor's in journalism and emerging media from Kennesaw State University. He also served in the Georgia Air National Guard as a C-130 Crew Chief for six years, holding an associate in aircraft maintenance technology.

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