BRS Aerospace Introduces Vehicle Recovery Systems for eVTOLs

Plans unveiled at the recent Uber Elevate summit.

Much talk about future eVTOL aircraft has focused around the electric propulsion systems these aircraft will demand to effectively scoot around heavily populated urban landscapes, places that most pilots understand offer few safe landing options in the event of a power failure.

Now BRS Aerospace, the company famous for its ballistic parachute system standard on all Cirrus aircraft, is developing vehicle recovery systems to offer electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft safety standards equivalent to what people might find currently in automotive technology. The company shared its existing whole aircraft recovery parachute technology and its vision for the future of air mobility in large cities at the recent Uber Elevate summit. No firm decision about whether any new system would be based on a BRS parachute, or some other mechanism was announced.

BRS Aerospace President/Director Enrique Dillon said, “Autonomous flight over highly populated urban environments is a challenge that will require a lot of work. Safety both in the air and on the ground is not an option anymore, and we are not there yet. But I have no doubt that urban air mobility not too far from today will become a reality.”


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