Bombardier Rolls Out 350th Challenger 350

The Challenger 350 can connect New York to London or Paris to Dubai. Bombardier

Bombardier is celebrating on July 9 the 350th delivery of its best-selling Challenger 350 business jet. In a news release, the company said, “The Challenger 350 aircraft is a force in the business jet industry, strengthening its position year after year with enhancements and upgrades to its winning combination of performance and cabin experience.” The Challenger 350 features intercontinental range that holds up even with full fuel and eight passengers. Bombardier has been delivering new Challenger 350s at a rate of nearly five each month for the past six years. “As of May 31, 2020, the worldwide fleet of in-service Challenger 350 aircraft accumulated more than 648,000 flight hours and more than 383,000 landings.”

The company says it has introduced a “steady stream of enhancements to the Challenger 350, including a compact head-up display (HUD) and enhanced vision system (EVS), class-leading cabin sound-proofing technology, and refined cockpit aesthetics. A performance-improvement package allows the aircraft to fly up to 1,500 nautical miles farther than before out of short runways, complementing its already impressive takeoff and landing performance that includes steep-approach capability.”

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