Boeing 747 Arrives Safely in Hotel Garden

The move from the airport to the hotel took five days. Corendon Hotel

What could possibly be as impressive as a hotel with its own Boeing 747 decked out in the company logo, except being able to view that airplane from the front door? Amsterdam’s Corendon Village Hotel added a retired KLM 747 to its property a few weeks ago when the aircraft was moved to the hotel’s garden from Amsterdam’s nearby Schiphol Airport. The hotel plans to transform the airliner into a 5D experience for visitors. Moving the 160-ton airplane from Schiphol Airport to the hotel garden was no small task however and eventually consumed five full work days for a moving company hired for the job.

The Boeing was taken apart at Schiphol Airport and hoisted on to a trailer for what turned out to be a nearly 8-mile journey across the airport and adjacent land, crossing 17 ditches and a major highway along the way. Once the 747 reached the hotel, it was reassembled and mounted on a steel and concrete structure built especially to hold the aircraft.

Once the project is completed, visitors will be able to, “walk on, over or under the plane and visit places that are normally not accessible to the public,” according to eTurbo News. That tour will include a chance to walk the length of the 747’s nearly 100-foot wide wing. Visitors will also experience a journey through the history of flight. “The highlight of the trip is the 5D experience, in which they can experience flying in all its facets.”

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Rob Mark is an award-winning journalist, business jet pilot, flight instructor, and blogger.

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