Blackhawk Combines P&WC and Hartzell to Create the World’s Fastest King Air

Blackhawk STC also improves takeoff and climb performance. Blackhawk

Blackhawk Aerospace says replacing a stock King Air 300's PT6A-60A engines on 12,500-pound and 14,000-pound gross weight models with the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines while adding a new Hartzell optimized composite five-blade swept propeller will create a King Air that delivers a maximum speed of over 340 knots. This new airplane is made possible with the new supplemental type certificate Blackhawk just earned from the FAA.

Hartzell Propeller's five-blade technology, designed for Blackhawk's King Air 300, uses the aerodynamic effect of blade sweep, the strength of lightweight structural composites and robotic manufacturing technologies to optimize performance in all phases of flight. Hartzell Propeller executive vice president and general manager JJ Frigge said, "Hartzell props are performing at a truly exceptional level and are helping Blackhawk deliver on its promise of a King Air 'rocket ship.’ These new aerodynamically optimized Hartzell props improve takeoff and climb performance in addition to delivering impressive cruise speeds.” The Hartzell props include a three-year, 3,000-hour warranty.

Blackhawk President and CEO Jim Allmon said the new airplane is the result of "Blackhawk's extensive flight testing evaluated and measured single- and multi-engine handling qualities, aircraft performance, engine and accessory cooling, stall speeds and characteristics, landing characteristics, propeller noise and vibration, and high-speed airframe and engine characteristics.”

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