Black Friday, Aviation Style

Need a gift suggestion for your favorite aviation fan? Here are some deals and ideas to consider this year.

What are the best gifts for pilots

When looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite aviator, there are lots of options out there, including Black Friday deals. [Credit: Shutterstock]

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the aviation fan in your life? There are lots of options out there, including Black Friday deals. 

Here are some gift ideas and holiday deals compiled by the FLYING crew:

Sporty’s Pilot Shop

This holiday, Sporty's Pilot Shop is knocking $80 off the ForeFlight Sentry Plus ADS-B Receiver, as well as offering a $50 discount on its Leather Original Flight Gear Bag. Those in the market for Sporty's Multiengine Training Course can also snag a $20 discount. Other discounts are also available for Garmin watches, Flight Gear LED flashlights and more. 

Pilot Institute

Pilot Institute is offering up to 50 percent off its airplane and drone courses. Some of the course offerings include Private Pilot Made Easy Online Ground School for $175, Instrument Rating Made Easy for $175 and Checkride Made Easy for $49. More information may be found here.

Wright Brothers Catalog

If it can be worn, displayed, flown in the backyard, used for interior decorating or carrying pilot gear and making you look like a fighter pilot or astronaut while you do it, you can probably find it in the Wright Brothers Catalog from Sporty's Pilot Shop. The WBC specializes in 'giftables' for aviation enthusiasts. One of the more popular items is the inflatable 8-foot Santa in an airplane. Put it on the front lawn and let the neighbors know a pilot lives there. Find WBC's Black Friday deals here.

Give an Electronic Flight Bag

Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) pretty much covers every informational need a pilot has in the cockpit, from weather procurement to flight planning. Load the app and you have digital maps on your iPad or iPhone and away you go.

The Gift of Books

Aviation books are always a good choice. For the World War II buff, you might try a recent release from the U.K.: Bomb Group: The Eighth Air Force's 381st and The Allied Air Offensive Over Europe, by Paul Bingley and Mike Peters.

The book tells the story of the men of the 381st Bombardment Group, based in England, who flew dangerous bomber missions over Europe during World War II. The book was written by Paul Bingley, the chairman of the 381st Ridgewell Airfield Museum Bingley and aviation historian Mike Peters.

"The book took about two years to write (due to full-time jobs and COVID)," Bingley told FLYING. "However, it is the culmination of almost two decades of research on my side. It is a narrative history of the 381st, from establishment to deactivation. It is told largely through the stories of several individuals, including the group’s chaplain, James Good Brown."

The book is available from Amazon or through Casemate Publishers.

Give the Gift of FLYING

If you haven't subscribed to FLYING yet, now is an ideal time. FLYING is offering Black Friday deal that will save you up to $50. Find more information here.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our guide to the Best Gifts for Pilots under $100

Do you know of a special aviation deal or gift idea for this holiday season? Drop up a line at and tell us about it!

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