MGL’s iEFIS Explorer Offers Avionics Flexibility

Torrance, California-based MGL Avionics recently introduced the touchscreen iEFIS Explorer avionics system — a product that offers several unique features — for the Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft markets. The primary flight, engine and navigation information displayed on the iEFIS Explorer can be configured based on the preference of the operator and user-created graphics can be displayed on the screen.

One useful and unique feature is the ability to link the system to a forward-looking camera, providing tailwheel pilots a forward view without having to make s-turns on the ground. The system can also accept images, such as that of a checklist, an Aresti aerobatic diagram or anything else that may be helpful for the pilot.

There is also an incredible amount of flexibility as far as how the information is displayed on the screen. For example, parameters such as the airspeed, altitude or engine RPM can be displayed as a tape, an arc, a digital number or even a bar graph. Complete customization or a modification of the built-in design is possible by designing the screen layout on a home computer. The design can then be transferred into the iEFIS through an SD micro card.

The cost for the iEFIS Explorer, which includes one 8.5-inch screen and the hardware to connect it to a four-cylinder Lycoming engine, is $6,000. MGL is also about to release the smaller 7-inch iEFIS Discovery and a larger 10.4-inch iEFIS Challenger displays.

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