Garmin Optimizes GTN 650 and GTN 750 for Helicopters

Garmin said it has added new features and capabilities to its GTN touchscreen GPS/nacom navigators to meet the specific needs of helicopter operators.

Enhancements include environmental qualification to meet stringent helicopter vibration and temperature testing standards, optional Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatibility, optional built-in Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) and more.

The GTN 650 and 750 combine touchscreen data entry and integrated radio tuning with bright displays that portray detailed mapping and the option to display and control TAS/TCAS traffic, datalink weather, weather radar and more. The GTN also supports remote transponder and audio processor control, saving panel space. Garmin’s GTX 32/33/33D remote transponders interface with the GTN so that pilots can control transponder functions from the GTN display. Optional Extended Squitter (ES) versions of the GTX 33/33D Mode S transponders are also available, which can support ADS-B Out.

In addition, Garmin’s GMA 35 remote mount audio processor interfaces with the GTN 750 series and makes it possible for the GTN to control the helicopter’s audio and intercom functions. It offers an optional control panel configuration to accommodate the right-seated pilot and allows for workload-reducing technologies in the cockpit like Telligence, a speech recognition feature that lets the pilot activate certain audio panel functions using voice commands.

The helicopter-specific optimizations for the GTN series have received FAA TSO approval. Deliveries are expected later this month with prices starting at $10,935. Garmin said it is currently pursuing STCs for the installation of the GTN series in a number of popular helicopter models.


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