Garmin Announces G500/G600 Software Update

Latest upgrade includes airframe-specific features.

The latest software update for Garmin’s G500 and G600 cockpits is now available and includes a number features that are specific to certain airframes and installations.

Here’s a rundown of all the changes, available now as a free software upgrade:

  • · With the latest software, Garmin says many TBM 700/850 models with a G600 flight display may be eligible for operations in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace.
  • · Altitude Preselect is available for KFC 200/250 autopilots when paired with a GAD 43e, a long awaited feature for customers utilizing these autopilots.
  • · Flight director display is now available for Century IV/41/2000 autopilots.
  • · Flight director display with synthetic vision technology (SVT) enabled is now available for select Cessna autopilots.
  • · Interface to the GNC 255 series navigator receiver.
  • · Basic GWX 70 interface similar to the GWX 68 functions.
  • · Interface to an existing KDM 706(A) DME when paired with a GAD 43e.
  • · Gyro emulation for Cessna 400B/800B/1000 IFCS autopilots when paired with a GAD 43e.

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