New Garmin Portable Transforms Pilot App into Backup Panel

The Garmin Pilot mobile app just got a whole lot better with the rollout yesterday of a portable Garmin ADS-B and WAAS GPS receiver with an integrated attitude sensor that greatly expands the application’s capabilities.

Garmin says the new GDL 39 3D portable unit brings ADS-B traffic and weather information to the Garmin Pilot app while the GPS and attitude display transform it into a backup panel.

Weather is broadcast using the FAA’s 978 MHz UAT free uplink, and includes Nexrad imagery, metars, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, pireps, notams, and more. For traffic, the GDL 39 3D receives information on both ADS-B frequencies, 1090 ES and 978 UAT. The unit also features Garmin TargetTrend relative motion tracking, which provides a more intuitive way of judging target trajectories and closure rates.

The Bluetooth capable GDL 39 3D collects and stores all available traffic and weather data in the vicinity so it is available as soon as the display is turned on. It is capable of simultaneously providing wireless data to two devices while hardwired to a third. The Garmin Pilot app is available for iOS and Android devices.

The GDL 39 3D is also compatible with the Garmin aera 795/796, aera 500 series, and GPSMAP 695/696 for traffic and weather data only, while the GPSMAP 396/495/496 have the ability to display traffic targets (up to seven at a time).

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