Flight Guide Introduces Traffic Alerts on iPad

Zaon’s traffic scanner integrates with iEFB.

Airguide Publications has partnered with Zaon Flight Systems to add a traffic alert feature as part of its recently released Flight Guide iEFB v4.1. By attaching Zaon’s PCAS XRX unit to the Flight Guide Fly-Wi GPS unit, you can get TCAS-like traffic alerts overlaid on the moving map display.

The Zaon unit interrogates an area within a six-mile radius. The information is then sent wirelessly from the Fly-Wi unit to the iPad where any traffic is displayed on Flight Guide’s seamless WAC, sectional, low en route, and high en route charts. Track up is available for the georeferenced position of the airplane, making the traffic easy to spot.

Each traffic icon is a standard diamond shape with an arrow on the right side indicating whether the airplane is ascending or descending, and a number indicating the relative altitude difference in hundreds of feet with a plus for above and minus for below.

The Zaon PCAS XRX unit retails for $1,495 and the traffic feature is included in the cost of Flight Guide’s iEFB subscriptions, which range from $9.95 to $19.95 per month.


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