Sennheiser Exits Pilot Headset Market

Sennheiser says it's exiting the pilot headset market after the audio specialist failed achieve the sort of market penetration it targeted when it first started selling to the pilot market more than a decade ago.

The German company says it will stop selling pilot headsets in February but will honor all warranties for headsets sold until then. Sennheiser will also continue selling headsets for air traffic controllers.

"Our decision to leave the pilots' headset sector was not taken lightly, especially as we have played a key role in the development of audio transmission in the cockpit, for example by introducing the world's first headset with active noise compensation to receive FAA-TSO certification," said Peter Claussen, Sennheiser's chief operating officer. "We will redirect our aviation-specific resources to focus on our key business of headphone and microphone technology."

Sennheiser's top-selling model in general aviation is the S1 Noisegard ANR headset, which carries a list price of $795.


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