Big Three App Developers Like New iPad Air

iPad Air passes Jepp's decompression test.

ForeFlight, Jeppesen Mobile FlightDeck and WingX should have no issues running on the newly released iPad products, including the iPad Air. In fact, the developers of three of the most popular iPad aviation apps are enthusiastic about the new hardware. “The Air screams,” said WingX developer Hilton Goldstein, adding, “the best evidence of this is the speed with which ADS-B inflight weather from Stratus loads on the Airs … WingX Pro7 appears ‘turbo-charged’ on the Air.”

ForeFlight CEO Tyson Weihs similarly endorsed the iPad Air for use with ForeFlight Mobile Version 5.4.4, available in the Apple App Store. And Jeppesen reports it has completed decompression tests with the new iPad products from an altitude of 51,000 feet and found “no anomalies” in the equipment. The tests are part of Jeppesen’s program to obtain FAA authorization for use of its mobile app. Jeppesen had completed similar tests on previous iPad models with the same positive results. In a press release the company said, “The new iPad Air is designed to run existing iPad apps, including those from Jeppesen, ‘as is.'”

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