Aircraft Spruce Offers Headset Buyback Program

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. recently announced a program for pilots who are getting ready to upgrade their headsets. Customers can trade in a variety of headsets and get a fair chunk of change toward a new one. The trade-in program only applies to new headsets that cost more than $750.

As long as the trade-in headset functions and has all the accessories, the value is quite significant. A used Bose X will get you $450, a Lightspeed Zulu will retrieve $425 and several models of David Clark headsets will fetch anywhere from $125 to $325. Incomplete or non-functioning headsets will either get a lesser credit or not be accepted at all. Only one trade-in can be applied for each new headset that is purchased.

Headsets that qualify for the buyback program include the Bose A20, Lightspeed Zulu.2, Sennheiser S1, Beyerdynamics HS 800 and David Clark H10-13XL, to name a few.

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